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    Meet Edward G. Price
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    • Outsourced General Counsel
    Edward G. Price

    Edward Price is the founding partner of Price & Keir. His background as a private practice attorney and general counsel for a private company has provided him the experience to serve as a well-rounded business lawyer and advisor to his clients.

    Mr. Price’s areas of practice include corporate compliance, mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing, intellectual property and technology transactions and counseling, domestic and international business transactions (including business formation, joint ventures, distribution agreements and secured transactions) and business disputes.

    Mr. Price has experience meeting the legal and general counsel needs of all sizes of businesses, from startup ventures to multi-million dollar enterprises. His practice spans multiple industries, including real estate, technology, government contracting, and retail services. In addition, Mr. Price has served as legal counsel to numerous individuals, in the areas of real estate, technology and retail services. Prior to returning to private practice in 2009, he served as general counsel of Triton Middle East, LLC, a U.S.-based real estate developer with projects located in Doha, Qatar, as well as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, U.A.E.  As general counsel for Triton, Mr. Price handled the company’s worldwide legal and regulatory affairs including acquisitions, financings, corporate governance, commercial transactions, employment and labor matters, and management of global outside counsel.

    Mr. Price is licensed to practice law in Maryland and Michigan. Although Mr. Price lives in Traverse City, Michigan with his wife Jane, and their twin boys, Adler and Grady, he still travels back to the Maryland office approximately once per quarter to meet with his Maryland clients and eat authentic crab cakes.

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    Meet Duncan Scott Keir
    • Business Litigation
    • Personal Injury
    • Family Law
    • Criminal Defense
    Duncan Scott Keir

    Duncan Scott Keir is the litigation partner at Price & Keir, and manages the day-to- day operations of the Maryland office. A lifelong resident of the Baltimore Metro Area, Mr. Keir
    graduated from St. Paul’s School for Boys in 1994, from Kenyon College in 1998, and the
    University of Baltimore School of Law in 2006.

    Mr. Keir began his legal career with Summerfield, Willen, Silverberg & Limsky in Owings
    Mills, representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of matters before the District, Circuit, Appellate and Federal Courts of Maryland. Thereafter, in 2011, Mr. Keir joined the Law Offices of Steven Heisler in Baltimore City, where he honed his skills representing hundreds of clients in auto accident and personal injury claims, while continuing his business, domestic and criminal practice.

    Mr. Keir’s proven litigation and business experience enhances and expands the firm’s client
    representation to assist clients “From the Boardroom, to the Courtroom”. His practice areas include: personal injury, civil and corporate litigation, domestic and family law and criminal defense.

    Duncan lives in Towson, Maryland with his wife, Catherine and their three children, Elli, Graham and Wyatt.

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