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Defamation Lawsuits

newlyweds, wedding photo.

By now I am sure you have heard the viral news story about the wedding photographer who was awarded over a million dollars in a defamation lawsuit last month. If you have not, here is what you need to know: Andrea Polito is a professional photographer from Dallas, Texas who took pictures for Andrew and Neely Moldovan on their wedding day. The newlyweds became impatient after the wedding while waiting for the pictures to be ready, so they inquired about the photos. Polito said she was still waiting on a few items from the couple in order to finish the pictures. But, the couple was not satisfied with this answer and began contacting local news stations saying Polito was holding Read More

Duncan Scott Keir joins Price Law as Partner; firm changes name to Price & Keir

BALTIMORE, Maryland (November 18, 2013) – Price & Keir, LLC, a fixed-cost legal practice with offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Traverse City, Michigan, announced today the addition of Duncan Scott Keir as a Partner in the firm. Mr. Keir’s experience in litigation, specifically in corporate disputes, family law, personal injury, and criminal defense work, allows Price & Keir to expand their fixed-cost legal practice to better serve their clients. “Duncan brings a tremendous value to the firm and our clients,” said Edward Price, Founder and Managing Partner at Price & Keir. “Our clients will benefit from knowing that if they have an issue that’s going to take them to court, they’ll have an experienced litigator in their corner.” “I’m excited to join Edward Price in his growing practice,” Read More