Legal Coaching- Unbundling Legal Services

What is legal coaching?


Legal coaching, a form of “unbundling legal services”, is the process of contracting a lawyer to assist you with certain parts of your court case.   Lawyers used in these situations provide limited legal advice and assist you with select parts of the legal process that may be confusing or complex in nature. They act very much as a coach in the traditional sports sense, helping you prepare, plan your strategy, and assist in the execution of your legal case. They can do everything from assisting you with the preparation of legal documents to giving you advice on how to best present your case in court.


Who can use legal coaching?

The use of legal coaching or “unbundling” has certain restrictions, and isn’t the best option for all situations.   For example, in complex criminal defense cases or highly contested family law matters, a lawyer will typically advise you to seek full legal representation.



Why should you use legal coaching?

The main benefit of using legal coaching is that it is significantly cheaper than full service legal representation.   For people without the funds for full legal representation, or people with a “do-it-yourself” mindset looking to save on legal fees, court coaching is a viable option to assist people that would otherwise represent themselves.

If you think you might be a candidate for legal coaching, give Price & Keir a call today and we will help you determine if this is the best practice for your case!

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