Practice Areas

Our practice areas include general counsel services, real estate transactions, corporate law, business litigation, construction law, estate planning, business litigation, personal injury, family law and criminal defense.


Business Law

At Price & Keir, we focus on providing fixed cost legal solutions for our business clients, which allows business owners to be able to budget for their legal services accurately and easily.

If your business has legal needs such as agreements, organizational structure changes, or disputes, it is best to use a lawyer who understands the unique requirements of business clients.  Price & Keir strives to ensure that your legal documents protect your business, rather than leaving you vulnerable.

Business Litigation

When conducting business, disputes inevitably arise.  Disputes with employees, unfair competition, enforcement of your contractual rights are but a few of the issues that businesses face on a daily basis. At Price & Keir, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle whatever challenges your business faces.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, you need a lawyer to protect your rights. At Price & Keir, we evaluate our client’s criminal issues with an eye towards the long term. We take time and effort to evaluate how each potential outcome will affect our clients, not only now, but in the future. We will work with you to strive for the best available outcome.

Estate Planning

At Price & Keir, we are dedicated to making sure that the people, assets, and personal values that are most important to you are protected and secure. It is our primary goal to meet our clients’ individual needs, through effective estate planning methods and exceptional client service.

If you and your family need a Will, Healthcare Power of Attorney, or Financial Power of Attorney, contact us today and we will send our Estate Planning Questionnaire to you.

Family Law

Domestic issues can take many different forms.  Divorce, child custody, child support, issues of domestic violence – any or all of these factors may be present simultaneously.  At Price & Keir, we recognize the emotions involved in times of personal upheaval.  We strive to provide our clients the very best representation, while taking the time to listen and understand their individual stories.

Outsourced General Counsel

Price & Keir has experience meeting the legal and general counsel needs of all sizes of businesses, from startup ventures to multi-million dollar enterprises. Our practice spans multiple industries, including real estate, technology, government contracting, and retail services.

Personal Injury

Sometimes being a good driver is not enough to protect you from someone else’s negligence.  If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you have the right to compensation.  Do not let the insurance companies railroad you into a low settlement.   The lawyers at Price & Keir have represented hundreds of individuals in their claims for injury.   Don’t let the insurance companies control your recovery, get the best results, call us now.

Real Estate Law

Price & Keir’s real estate law practice offers a diverse range of services for homeowners, developers, contractors and real estate professionals. We understand the complex issues in the acquisition or sale of real property. We have extensive experience in transactional matters and can provide legal and business transaction services for all types of residential and commercial real estate transactions.